Magnetic Sponsoring Review- Is It Really Any Good?

Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard has literally taken the network marketing industry by storm in the last few years.  Claims of “Magnetically Attracting” prospects to you, credit card in hand abound around it, but what is the truth to all the information you hear about this course and what does it really do for you?

Magnetic Sponsoring Review What Is It All About?

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Now, I’ll admit I was skeptical at first when I first heard about it, I was a bit skeptical as well.  I mean, network marketing is hard work, and it was claiming that this whole thing was going to be easy.

So what exactly do you learn in this course?

First, check out this quick video on Magnetic Sponsoring:

Is Magnetic Sponsoring All They Say It Is?

Is Magnetic Sponsoring All They Say It Is?

Essentially three things:

#1) Attraction Marketing – Fundamentally, what attraction marketing is really about the level of value that you offer a given prospect.  Essentially the more valuable you appear to a prospect, it is human nature for someone to gravitate to others that offer incredible value, hence generating the attraction.  Literally this reverses the typical recruiting dynamic in network marketing, essentially bringing people to you, instead of you hunting them around, and you become what is known as an Alpha Networker.

Fundamental to this idea is that of continuing education, and being able to be more and more valuable in the eyes of your prospects.

#2) Funded Proposal – For me, this was really the big takeaway from the Magnetic Sponsoring Course.  You see, only a certain percentage of people will only ever buy your product or join you in your downline, and the idea of a funded proposal allows you to generate needed income up front in order to pay for the lead generation and advertising for your business.

Instead of only 1 out of every 100 people you come in contact with will ever join you in your business, but if you offer others much needed information to help them out, and in turn profit from it as a result.

#3) Real Marketing.  OK, this is probably the biggest switch that network marketers have to adopt when internalizing the ideas inside Magnetic Sponsoring.  Marketing really is all about looking at your business from a customer first standpoint, and servicing them first, giving them what they want instead of trying to coerce and convince people that you have a “Can’t Miss” opportunity.

Get rich by giving people what they want.

So what is the summary here in this magnetic sponsoring review, is there a scam or not?

Honestly, you will find that once you dig into the ideas behind it, your business will fundamentally change and improve in a dramatic fashion and you will approach your opportunity as a real business instead of a hobby.

Is it a “silver bullet” and cure-all for your woes in your business.  Absolutely not.  This book is a training book and will get you on the path to success, but ultimately your own success is dependent upon you, not others.

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elpida February 15, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Hi! i live in Cyprus a small island and we speak greek. I would like to know if your books or your cd’s are translated to my language.I want to buy them. Tanks Elpida


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